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Guitar Chord Legend goes through thousands of guitar chord charts
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Guitar Chord Legend software makes it simple to go through thousands of guitar chord charts to find a suitable chord. This makes the learning process of the guitar chords an enjoyable and at a fast pace.

Guitar Chord Legend allows you to search through thousands of chord charts with ease by allowing multiple chart views at once. The available number of chord charts for search is also a huge number, 7000. Before selecting the chord chart, you can hear it using a virtual guitar. The option to play through the virtual guitar gives you a clear idea of how it sounds before selecting it to your favorite chord chart list. Once you are satisfied with the chord chart, you can add it to your favorite chord charts, future use. This chord chart can be available even for the immediate practice sessions.

You can also save a group of guitar chord charts for the future practice sessions. The option for storing the group of chord charts in the favorite list is ideal for the keeping track of the guitar chords in your favorite songs and also for your own composition. The contents of the favorite chord chart can be printed if you wish so. Thus you can share it with your friends easily. The interface is plain and simple and easy to use. You can download a trial version for five practice sessions or you can directly buy it.

Good software to help you out from the frustration of going back and forth in selecting the right guitar chord chart for your practice sessions.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Searching through thousands of chord charts made simple, saving favorite list is helpful in future practices


  • Available only for the Windows platforms
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